Monday, June 15, 2009

June 17th Edition of SJTV

On this Week's Edition of Social Justice Television

Uprising at Seattle School District Headquarters. Teachers, Students and Parents showed up in force to protest school closures and teacher layoffs at the Seattle School District Headquarters. Protesters challenged the school districts budget exposing flaws in expenditures, mismanagement of funds and conflict of interests. For more in formation go to the
Seattle Education Association website.

The Beat Diaries is a video diary of youth in the bay area speaking their truth as they overcome challenges through art, poetry and publishing of
The Beat Within Magazine.

Urban Wilderness Project Restroation of Genesse Park. We tag along with the Urban Wilderness project on Earth Day to learn about invasive species of plants and parks that were once landfills. For more info check out their website

Interview with Iraq Vet Against the War, Evan Knappenberger. We caught up with Evan in the streets of Seattle at a Protest. Hear what someone who experienced the war first hand has to say about the soldiers experience in this Iraq.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 25th Edition of SJTV

On this Week's Editon of Social Justice Television we focus on the Six Year Anniversary of the Iraq War. After trillions of dollars wasted and over one million innocent Iraqi civilians dead there seems to be no end in sight despite Barak Obama's claims he'll bring the troops home only to redeply them in an escalating war in Afghanistan.

Our show starts with Iraqi and American Youth speaking to each other about their perspectives on the Iraq War and how it has affected their lives. Chat the planet is a media project that connects youth from all over ther world and gives gthem the opportunity to speak to each other about what's on their mind.

Next up is a street protest interview with Iraq VeteranEvan Knappenberger as he shares his Iraq War experience. Then we attend an antiwar rally in downtown Seattle orgainzed by WorldCan'
where protestors express their outrage by throwing shoes in solidairty Muntadhir Al-Zaidi who gained world wide notoriety by throwing his shoes in protest to George Bush.

The final segment of the show is the Pepper Spray Production video documentary Eye Witness in Iraq - An Unembedded Report by independent Reporter Dahr Jamail who has been reporting the truth of what is occuring in Iraq in defiance of the corporate media whitewash.